I'm getting no results for my search query.
Please be sure that your spelling in your query or proper write right words for the songs you are looking for. If still no result in your search you can clear your browser cache and restart your browser then try to search again.

What's the advantage of this website on other mp3 download site.
We enhance download speed and quality of videos or songs to download and our source have a huge result and safe, Not like on other website you need to copy and paste the url of the video or songs to download here you can use search box easily like you did on our source and play the video or songs first to make sure the file you want to download is correct.

I see error message when i click the download button.
When you see any error while your downloading please contact us we check it immediately and fix it. You can contact us at [email protected]

I can't download some of videos and mp3 songs.
Sometimes videos or songs cannot download for the reason of country restriction and it's not available in your country, But you can still report this to us just email us at [email protected]

I want to upload my songs and videos to mp3lamp.com.
It's not possible to upload any files to mp3lamp. We do not host any songs or mp3 file here. If you want to list your files in our search please upload your songs on youtube.com, Nextime you use our website, Posible to appear your videos and songs at mp3lamp.com.